Flip Master Philip trades in the flipping stick for a Crig and Crank



I am tired of the stupid bug pic……..it was funny the first 7 times I posted it, now? I am just straight up at a loss for words. I understand todays break offs though. I recently changed out my crig main line on my outfits to 65 lb braid. The hookset and fighting of the fish with 65 lb braid main is a different deal. You have to number 1: lean into the hookset, not cross the basses eyes and number 2: work the drag as the fish comes in. Why use braid then? Simple, feel. I fish a lot of spots on spots and that braid main line enables me to pin point sweet spots for clients and also allows my clients to feel what I am talking about as well. We both broke off really big fish on the crig today. Philip also lost another one in 20 ft of water that got him tangled up in a good size bush. Philip brought up the bush…..lol. Not the fish though. Senkos on the back of these crigs have been VERY good. Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelow.

Check out some of the weapons on the front deck……chatterbaits, big money minnows, deep diving crank, finesse crigs and senkos…….I caught three good fish on the money minnow today.  That is a fun way to catch fish.


We had a very good day yesterday with the mid range fish. (4-6 lbers) We only boated two of that type of fish today. We had 5 good deep bites today on the rig and boated one.  Check out my spotted fish…….notice the color.  She was caught in 20, but think she was even deeper than that in the not so distant past.






Most of our fish were 2 to 3 lb fish like the one pictured with the citrus 6xd. We also took an hr and a half break to………




…..help a fellow angler who broke down 8 miles from the ramp. They cut a deal with Philip…….they are hooking him up with a turkey hunt in MO for him giving up some of his trip to help them out. I will post pics of Philip’s long beards when he gets em. Tomorrow looks dicey in regards to the wind forecast. 35 mile an hour sustained winds?……50 mph wind gusts? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Screw it, I am going back to the main lake and we will challenge the ole z522 and these men’s stomachs.







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