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First game of the double header is in the books…..

……Carey and Casey caught the heck out of the fish and also found out why we don’t use 12 and 14 pound test line here on Falcon. The 0.5 to 3.5 pounders like the one pictured were not hard to handle, but the 4 walruses were and we batted .000 %. These two had a great time the last two days. I can damn near promise you that they will bring some BIG sticks with even BIGGER line on em the next time they are down.



The second game of the twin bill will be played at night. The goal? 8 foot alligator gar……lofty goal? sure, but they are out there and we are fixing to go head up. I highly doubt I will have a write up on this site til tomorrow following my guide trip with Laura and Danny.


Check out Facebook tonight, as I will be running “in-game” updates while on the gar hunt. Should be a good time.


Send a  like my way if you get a chance.




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