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Today started out with a very disappointing break off. I was helping Peyton pick out a backlash and get his reel dialed in as it was getting the better of him. I tossed out his baby brush hog to make sure it wasn’t going to blow up on him again when THUMP…….I reeled down set the hook, grunt, pow……line broke half way back to the boat. His line must of had a weak spot in it from the backlashes. I really thought we were in business though. That was literally in the first 15 minutes or so of the day. The next 5:15 came and went with two boated fish. Yep…..2 and I boated them. (5 and 3 lber on a squarebill) Then we found the motherload and it was a motherload that wanted to bite. We didn’t boat anything bigger than 4 lbs during this stretch, but we had our chances. It sure was fun to throw a bait out there and KNOW for a fact you were going to get bit. (even if you didn’t) Peyton and his grandpa will be at it on their own tomorrow and they will be targeting BIG ole crappie in the Veleno. Hope they run into a few. I am off to Laredo tomorrow for Sierra’s B-day party……bowling. Looking forward to the festivities. I have a three day trip starting Monday and I can’t wait after the way today ended. It’s like shooting a 100 on the golf course, but you birdied 18 and you go into the clubhouse feeling like Tiger.


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