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Falcon Report

Finally a Double digit finds it’s way to the scales

By February 2, 2013No Comments



My first ever 10 flat. In reality it was 10-3, as my scales are a solid 3 oz light. I am still gonna call it a 10 flat though….I have pictorial proof, lol. I didn’t take a pic of this fish with me. I was really disgusted at myself for catching this fish. The last thing I wanted to do was hook a dang DD today. Tom wanted to spoof his friends and took a pic with it. This fish CHOKED the crank and I had to perform surgery on it. I am happy to report that the fish swam away in great health and a lot of it has to do with the product below.




I had a 7-6 later in the day that swallowed a texas rigged plum ole monster and again the catch and release worked wonders. I have been putting deep hooked fish in the livewell with Catch and Release and it does an amazing job.


Back to todays action. Tom whooped me on the numbers game, but I lucked into the 3 biggest fish. We had about a 32 lb bag when it was all said and done. Today was the deep day……tomorrow we are going to do some banging.


I would like to congratulate Tony Gutierrez on his 11 lb 7 oz my mistake…..Tony’s fish went 10lbs 7oz, STILL a beast! LOL  I mentioned Tony in an earlier report. He just went live with his guiding business. I can tell you Tony gets it. He and I have a very good understanding of how we can help each other be successful. He spends A LOT of time on the water and doesn’t burn out his fish. I asked him to check on some water and on his way there, he hit paydirt. If you want Tony’s contact info and want to run down a 10 or 2 let me know and I will pass it along to you. Congrats again Tony!!