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Fathers day….

By June 17, 2012No Comments

Well my day of being treated like a king is nearly over. Wait a sec….. my beautiful girls treat me like a king everyday. If I have said it once I’ll say it 1,000 more. I am blessed beyond reasonable explanation. Growing up I had a great father who always put me first. He set aside nearly every friend to go hunting, fishing, bowling, and practice countless hours of baseball with me. Both of my parents always put my interests first. I strive everyday to do the same by my family and kids. Thanks to those that have fished with me, support me through sponsorships, read this blog, follow me on twitter and read my posts on the texasfishingforum and bbc. To all you dads out there, happy fathers day and keep fighting the good fight. As a former educator and father of two our future depends on solid male influences.

God bless,