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Falcon Report

Family here, Big B is back and its a small world after all…

By September 4, 2012September 6th, 2012No Comments

Well the folks made it down after a two day journy safe and sound.  I couldn’t blow my dad out of bed this morning with a stick of dynomite.  Sooooooo we hit the water around 9 and spent and hour and a half breaking in the motor for the Bullet. (new powerhead)  Then we hit a ditch for a few minutes and dad got a lil fish slime on him.  Nothing big, but fun.  We were back to the ramp by 11:30.  Then it was off to see the folks at Pro Angler Marine in San Juan Texas.  Took in my z521 for a lil scheduled maintanence and just might make a deal and bring home their 2012 z522 that they have sitting in the showroom.  The cool thing is that Joe recognized me and he reads my posts on  and my blog here.  Small world for sure.  Joe and Hector are cool cats and look forward to doing a lot of business with them now and into the future.  Sure is fun hitting 90 mph in a boat again, although I was only able to hit 89.7 today…….lil too much chop, but Big B is back.