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Family fun, Doc, Elmo and GTO Paul

I got the chance to take my girlies out Saturday for a few hours and they blasted the fish as you can see by the pics below. The only bummer is that Jaime and I both jumped off fish well over 10 pounds. Jaime’s fish was one of the bigger bass I’ve seen on Falcon since Tom’s 12 pounder that was caught two years ago. Traps and small squarebills are tough to keep buttoned up in these giant bass when you have to pull on em so damn hard to keep them up and out of the trash.

img_5797.jpg img_5799.jpg

img_5806.jpg img_5803.jpg



They had such a good time Saturday we decided to go out for a couple hours before the Super Bowl started on Sunday. Unfortunately the bite wasn’t nearly as good Sunday.

img_5809.jpg img_5807.jpg



Next up was Elmo and Doc…….and for whatever reason the bite (especially the big bite) really was terrible. Here are a couple of examples of the quality we got into.

img_5814.jpg img_5815.jpg


GTO Paul was on the ticket yesterday and goodness he had his way with these Falcon Lake bass. The guy was like Babe Ruth calling his shots all day. The quality you ask?…….Paul damn near had a 30 lb bag on his own. Falcon Lake showed off a bit yesterday and so did GTO.

img_5829.jpg img_5824.jpg

img_5821.jpg img_5826.jpg



…….and in a rare Sasquatch type of siting…..I actually got into the big fish party as well.



We have a heck of a front blowing in as I type…….and the next 3 days are gonna be cold as shit. Clay and Barbara are en route and told me they ain’t scared of snow, ice, and wind. I told em…..let’s go fishing weather be damned.

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