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Family day on Falcon Lake

Well I took the girlies down to the State Park and we checked out the butterfly garden. Girls loved it and I have to admit I had a dang good time too. For whatever reason our butterfly hatches are down this year so far, but we still saw plenty of really cool butterflies. You can find plenty of pics on my Facebook page.


Let’s talk fishing…..we hit it pretty hard actually from 12:30 to 3:30. I caught 13 fish….girlies? 0…..yeah that is a goose egg and no I didn’t front end em….lol. I just couldn’t get em bit. I was working hard for a tip too, but Jaime has informed me that no tip is forthcoming…..



I took the 521vx out so I didn’t have any mapping capabilities. I just went from point to point and chunked squarebills up into 2-5 foot of water. ZERO big bites….all fish were 0.50 to 3 lbs. I have 3 days on the books next week Wednesday through Friday and then things get slim in a hurry. I will be taking a lot of July off for vacation with family and a special trip to see my boyzzzzz from Illinois. I still have a lot of openings in June and if you want to have some fun “catching” and not just fishing come on down. I promise to give you the lucky squarebill!


Again check out the Facebook page for some photos…….(not of fish….lol) great day to be alive.





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