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Fall comes in as Falcon Lake goes up.

Officially Fall is here. With that said we haven’t seen so much as a whiff of a cold front. Since I last wrote we nearly got a game changing water event here along the border, but of course she got to 70 miles of us and completely fell apart. Did we get some rain and pick up some water? Sure……game changing amounts? No…..roughly 14 inches + or -. As the lake has crept up the short term fishing has certainly suffered unfortunately. More specifically the big fish bite. My numbers most days have still been 40-60 fish a day with the following being a typical fish being caught.




We did catch a few walruses……and I use the word “we” loosely…lol. Here are two from Joel.

img_0760.jpg img_0761.jpg


and then Joel followed those two up with a new person best of 9.32 lbs at the last stop on his final day.




I also spent a bazillion and one hours detailing both boats……love a freshly waxed boat.




Cya on the water and bring a cold front with ya!


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