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Falcon won today……

…..and convincingly. Elmo has been reading about all these banner days and he wanted a piece of the action today. Unfortunately I just could not get dialed in today. We launched at the county boat ramp and ran all the way to the dam and back. We had two good spurts where we caught fish on every cast or every other cast, but let me be¬†clear……we fished for six and a half hours. Five of those hours were totally unproductive and a lot of that time was spent in and around the dam. Total shocker to say the least. We did catch fish in Tigers, but not NEAR the amount I have been catching in there. Just one of those days that you have to tip your cap to Mother Nature. Still had a great time with Elmo, but to be honest I would have a great time with Elmo on a dirt pile. We will have our revenge…….




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