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Falcon was a tough son of $&@tch today.



I took this pic at our first stop of the day. I sat there for a few seconds and gave many thanks. One of the most beautiful pics I’ve ever taken on the lake.


The fishing you ask? I didn’t do a very good job putting these guys on fish today. Pretty simple. If you can own a 104 fish day you better be able to own a 16 fish day as well. It wasn’t my finest hour today……made several errors from a tactical standpoint that really hurt. I wanted to fish areas that either had too much wind on em or I just couldn’t get to. I kept trying to shove a square block into a round hole all day. We fished the Salado most of the day and our best bait was the spinnerbait. I really believe the main reason the blade was our best bait was because of the gale force winds that we fished in all day. It was tough to feel a t-rig. These guys are kicking around the idea of a Sugar trip in the not so distant future. I hope I get that opportunity.


Take care guys.

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