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Falcon Report

Falcon safety…..

By October 22, 2012No Comments

I had the day off due to some high winds.  I went down to Pro Angler Marine to pick up my Ranger and I ended up just trading it in.  I bought a z522 to replace it.  It has the SHO and a 3rd seat which are both major plusses.  My oil bill every month is between $250 and $300.  It will be nice to not have that on my expenses for the month.  I will post pics when I pick it up.  I have thousands of people who read this blog and I am very appreciative of that.  I received 3 phone calls today while I was in San Juan from folks concerned about the safety of Falcon.  I found it strange and finally asked the last person what the deal was.  He said that somebody made a post on a forum about a body that was found on the Mexican side.  I read the post and it mentioned that the body looked like that of a Mexican.  We have 100’s of Mexican netters that work this lake and though it is certainly no Deadliest Catch episode it is still a dangerous job especially when swimming is an issue and nets are involved.  I have read some posts where people “hope” that this town becomes a ghost town again so that they can have the lake to themselves like it was in the “old days”.  Wow….what kind of human being are you to wish that on soooooo many hard-working people here in Zapata?  I am not talking about just guides either.  Hundreds of people rely on this wonderful fishery to put food on their plate and to wish all of them harm is pathetic.  The town of Zapata has the nicest locals of any town that I have ever lived in.  I can only hope and pray that people can see through the crap that can be spread on the internet.  I will have a report tomorrow, but heard that those that braved the elements today struggled big time.  We will still go give it heck.


Again thanks to all that come down and visit this wonderful lake.  All of us here in Zapata appreciate it and if you are ever in need, have my number handy.  I am on the water nearly every single day and will do whatever I can to help you.