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Falcon…….NOT at it’s finest.

Well……was one of those days folks. My client, Cole, came down to see his son play college soccer and snuck away to chase after some Falcon Walruses. I sure hope his son scores a goal or 15 to make up for the fishing… I am sure somebody caught em today, but I was sure not among them. I put a game plan together based on the fish we located yesterday and they just flat-out didn’t bite today. When the wind blows as hard as it did today you have to be spot on early because you can’t run and gun to find productive water. You are stuck with the initial decision you make.  Luckily I bought two brand new batteries last week and if I had not, I would of been able to fish until 10…maybe.  New batteries and all, the TM gave out early.  We had roughly 10 bites, yes 10 bites all day and nothing but a handful of 0.5 – 3 lb fish to show for it. I am back at it tomorrow and the weather guessers are all over the map with the wind predictions. Should make for an interesting day.


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