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Falcon Lake with Sir James



That pic right there is what we caught pretty much all day. We could not of had a better day to fish. It was a bit chilly to start(43 degrees), but it warmed up quickly to 71 degrees. We launched down South as I had areas that I had not fished in forever. We spent the entire day fishing deep rocks…..boat was usually in the 25 to 30 foot range while throwing into 15 to 20 foot. We caught fish on nearly everything we threw, which included: Texas rig fluke and senko, c-rig w/r worm, 5xd, 6xd, and Bomber cranks. Best bait? Was probably a toss up between the bomber crank in citrus shad and James’ secret T-rigged senko. I texted James last night and told him today was mission 7 lber. That didn’t happen, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort. We had our typical kick ass time with plenty of laughs and bullshit mixed in. Now, I want to be clear on something…..there are some damn nice fish being caught here on Falcon right now. I just have not been on em…….sometimes the truth hurts and in this case it does. A good friend and client of mine Cliff, sent me some pics right before I left on my Pennsylvania Thanksgiving vacation. Him and his wife had caught two fish all day. He pulled up to a gravel no nothing point as a last stop and magic happened. It started with a 3 pounder, then a 9 lber…….a 7 lber…..and drum roll, Cliff smacked a DD. From DUD to STUD in a matter of minutes. You gotta love ole Falcon. Here are the pics!


IMG_1559.JPG IMG_1558.JPG



I know what you are thinking……Cliff and his wife need to attend the Highstakesbassin fish picture academy. I would of made those fish look 9, 12 and 14 lbs. lol. Great fish regardless.


and speaking of Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania. What a fantastic time I had with my family. It could not of been better.



I’m so proud of that family tree right there. My Mom and I ran up to the Horseshoe in Cleveland for some gambling on Monday and although the end result was less than desirable we had an absolute blast which included me hitting a 595 dollar jackpot on a slot machine.




November is always an incredibly busy month for us…..happy to see it come and happy to see it go. I have a 4 day Sugar trip on the books coming up. It should be an absolute blast. Two other guides will be working it with me…….Tommy, Carlos, and I will have a 6 person group down there. Thanks Buck!!!






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