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Falcon Lake with my Boyz….

Wish I could write that we boated 100 fish with 17 walruses, but that would be a lie and to be honest the fishing wasn’t that good today. It hasn’t been good since the last front blew on through yesterday with the buckets upon buckets of rain that came with it. Again we caught 20 some odd fish, but man I was doing that in a half hour. So to say I was not all smiles today would be an understatement. Fires me up to see the fishing go from out of this world to dag gone tough over night. Vaughn and Waggy will be with Tommy tomorrow. They are off to Sugar. Doc is staying here with me and we will be heading South to start our day. Falcon fishes a lot better on the South end of the lake when conditions are changing. (cold fronts, rising water/muddy water, etc.)


Check out Facebook for a few pictures from today. No walruses, but a few nice chunks that we worked awful hard for.




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