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Falcon Lake with Cliff and Jesse.

I wish I could post that we caught a 100 fish, but truth is we really had to work for every single bite/fish that we caught today. We had a couple nice flurries, but the quality wasn’t what I was hoping for either. Just one of those days that make the good days look that much better. I took Cliff and Gary out this spring on Falcon and Sugar. We hammered some big fish on Sugar and Cliff wants to go back to the scene of the crime Tuesday. So we are going to head down to Sugar for a quickie. I know, I know, I know……I say I don’t do single day Sugar trips. Well, lets just say I only do them for return clients that have fished with me on numerous occasions. I will be taking Cliff and Gary back to Sugar in November as well for at least 2 days. Cliff can’t wait that long and I can’t say that I blame him.







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