Falcon Lake, Texas pumps out two Double Digit personal bests

The last time I wrote I talked about the amazing fishing and being able to catch a dag gone fish anywhere you threw a bait. Fast forward a few weeks and a lot has changed. We have been on a very very slow rise here of late and those of you that know Falcon understand that a rising Falcon Lake can be a tough Falcon Lake. Am I grateful for the foot or so of water? You bet I am and I pray everyday for it as well. But with that said the bite has gotten significantly slower and 75 fish days have turned into 7.5 fish days. (ok maybe not that low……but you get my point) Once we level off and begin to go the other way Falcon will turn on again. I put 3 new brushpiles in about 10 days ago and the good news is that the baitfish have found em…….bad news that’s been it. Been a strange year for the brushpile game for sure, but I fully expect it to go nuclear and soon. Poor numbers aside the big girls have been playing and at times not playing nicely. I lost the biggest fish of my life recently on a 1o xd. She absolutely inhaled that big ole crankbait and she still manage to throw the damn thing. We did get two MEGA walruses in the boat and on a set of scales. The first big ole girl went to Cuatro and it came in at 11.09 pounds.




The second MEGA walrus went to my main man Jim and it came in at 10.33 pounds.



When I grow up I wanna be like Jim. I have never in my life met a more positive, life loving person. He has two sayings that he said 100 times while in my boat.

“You know? I love shit like this”

“You wanna know what I like about (fill in the blank)………EVERYTHING”


We also had the opportunity to take three generations of fishermen out the other day. Mark, his son Josh and his daughter Audrey. To say we had an incredible day on the water together would of been the understatement of the year. I’m still smiling and chuckling. What an awesome family tree.

img_1837.jpg img_1836.jpg

img_1839.jpg img_1840.jpg


You wanna know what I like about taking families on the water fishing?




Love ya High Stakes Bassin Fam……see ya in June.


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