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Falcon Lake Texas can be described using one word….



Falcon is dropping and the fish love it. I would rather see tougher fishing and us keeping our water, but I unfortunately don’t have a say in it. We have dropped about 6 feet in the last month or so and at the rate they are currently pulling I expect to drop another 6 feet. We still have plenty of water and the fish are biting like you wouldn’t even believe. (especially the 2-3 lbers) But with that said it sure is depressing watching the water leave as fast as it is. It happens every year and most years multiple times throughout the year…….still sucks every time. My best bite has changed since the dropping water as well. Six weeks ago it was the DEEEEEEEP drop shot game. Right now, at least for me, it’s about finding areas that look like this.



We have a lot of fish that are being pulled out of the jungle and into the “old” flooded growth. These fish have not seen a lure in months and are certainly eager to participate in biting. I am still catching plenty of fish offshore as well, but the vast majority are small 2 to 3 lb fish. Is it fun to know when you chunk out there that you are gonna get bit? You bet it is and every now and again the 2 to 3 lber turns into something bigger.

img_4264.jpg img_4252.jpg

img_4246.jpg img_4249.jpg

img_4250.jpg img_4230.jpg

img_4206.jpg img_4239.jpg



Falcon is only going to get better as the bass begin to fully commit to the offshore summer pattern. If your lakes shut down during the summer months shoot me an email and lets get a whackfest on the books.



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