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Falcon Lake Rollercoaster – A – Palooza 2019 Edition

It’s been a looooooooong time since I have seen Falcon Lake be so damn hot and cold both figuratively and literally. We have seen 74 on the clicker here of late, but we’ve also seen 13 on our fingers and three toes. Most days consist of hours with no bites then BLAM you find a shit pile of em and you sit there and whack 10-20 on nearly every single cast with some good ones mixed in too. Then? You go another couple of face slapping hours with nary a bite and BLAM it’s a whackfest for 30 minutes…….wash, rinse, repeat. I have been fishing every square inch of Falcon Lake from up river to the dam…… both in brush and in the rocks…..out deep and in less than a foot of water and everywhere in between. The common theme to all of it is putting in your time and keeping a line wet regardless of how you are attacking Falcon Lake. If you pinned me down and told me I could only fish one spot with one lure? I would still pick a creek from Tigers on South……any of em. Head to the back and grab a trap and a hard hat and get to work. Been a fun start to 2019. I have the weekend off, but will be back at it next week. I think Mary Poppin’s is on the docket for manana.

img_5686.jpg img_5683.jpg

img_5672.jpg img_5721.jpg




And my favorite 2019 pic so far?!?!



Man I love father/son trips. Dave’s been at it for over 70 years and we beat his personal best…….and nearly got him a MEGA Walrus to boot. We will put that on the to do list for next year.


Give me a holler if any of the above looks fun. Would love to have ya down.





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