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Falcon Lake pumping out fish


That fish is a prime example of the quality. It just isn’t there when the wind blows 30 mph……If I have to fish secondary creek points to stay out of the wind this is what we are going to catch more than likely. The big girls (for me at least) are in the trees along the main lake. Main lake ledges and humps have put out a few big fish too, but when you put 3-4 footers on that stuff not only is it tough to fish and stay in the boat, but it kills the bite as well. Why the big girls aren’t out on these creek points, humps, and ledges is puzzling to say the least…….they are loaded with .25 – 3 lbers. I keep expecting to pull up on these spots and have the mother load of big girls move up and kick these runts off. Just hasn’t happened yet.


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