Falcon Lake, Pennsylvania, and one last Vegas trip for 2018

First off……. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope everyone reading this has a happy and safe Holiday Season.

Falcon is going out like it came in for 2018. In a word? Simply amazing. Well that’s two words I guess, but certainly appropriate. I have seen a lot of rattle trap bites in my day from all over this great country. Epic days from the likes of: Lake Erie, Okeechobee, Stick Marsh Farm 13, Chowan River, James River, and many others. The Trap bite I am seeing right now here on Falcon Lake is the very best I have ever seen. Heck I went out and bought two brand new outfits specifically designed to throw em.



Here is a look at a few fish from the last handful of days on the water.

img_5498.jpg img_5497.jpg

img_5499.jpg img_5474.jpg

img_5558.jpg img_5556.jpg

img_5546.jpg img_5496.jpg


If ripping traps through flooded growth sounds like a damn fun time…..give me a ring. I am VERY confident you will not be disappointed. The end of November and the beginning of December also included some vacation time for me. I flew home to see my folks and hunt with my Dad. I absolutely live to spend time with them and this trip to see em was really needed on many levels. How was the hunting you ask? HAHAHAHA……not as good as the Falcon Lake rattle trap bite.



This was the only buck I saw and I let this monster walk……lol. Mom and I also snuck off to the Erie casino one night as well.



And speaking of casinos….I took a detour after leaving Erie and headed out to my home away from home for a few days as well.






I will have a year in review post up within the week. Always fun looking back at the year that was.


See ya soon.



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