Ahhhh these two fellas today……lol. Do they like to gamble? Check. Enjoy giving each other the business? Check. Did we have a dang good time? Check. These two guys gave me a ring last night after catching 1 fish yesterday and before you judge them, they are damn good sticks. Trust me. Dewley has been down here numerous times and kicked Falcon’s backside. Well, Falcon has been training hard of late….lol and is taking down nearly everybody in its path not named Law. Once again our big fish came later in the day. The only fish that was caught on a crank all day. unfortunately I caught her. Dewley caught one about 5 lbs, but the majority of our fish once again were 0.5-3 lbs. Back to back days of small fish. Cindy I need ya!!


Oh and there was no money that exchanged hands at the end of the day 😉


Total fish: 20

Best 5: about 22 lbs

Kicker: my 8 lber


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