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Falcon Report

Falcon Lake guide trip staring Kevin and Johnny…..National Geographic.

By March 4, 2013No Comments

Kevin and Johnny have been down here the past couple of days. They have been the fortunate ones that have actually been catching fish, but problem has been size. They hadn’t broke the 3 lb mark yet. Todays goal? Fish deep for quality fish and let me tell you……mission accomplished.




Hahahahaha……A new personal best for a 10xd!!! In all seriousness these guys caught some damn nice fish today with just one dink. You all remember Johnny?




How about now? Johnny sent me these 10xds awhile back when I didn’t have any. Well today I made up my mind we were gonna put them to use. No monster bites today, but a lot of 4 to 6 lb fish. Johnny brought down a new toy.




What’s funny is that I ordered one of these about a month ago, but it was on back order. I just got an email saying that it’s on the way and I thought I was getting it today. I am pumped up to say the least.


The kicker:




Best 5:




Cool stuff right there. Johnny has another trip with me on the books for May. This time he is bringing the Mrs. Looking forward to that one!


National Geographic is in town this week and they are interviewing guides for a potential up coming reality TV show.  I am not a big reality TV show fan.  I was going to cancel my interview, but I promised FLT I would do it.  Sooooooooooo, I will be in front of the camera tomorrow.  I can’t promise ya a lot, but I will promise you this.  I am not turning my business into some BULLSH!T reality TV circus and that’s a fact.  I will have to admit I have been sucked into a reality TV show just within the last week oddly enough.




My favorite part of the show is the end.  Phil’s Prayer(grace) before they eat reminds me of all those big family get togethers that my dad would say grace for.  My Grandpa always used to tell me growing up that family was the single most important aspect of a person’s life.  This Duck Dynasty show, if ya look past all the reality TV crap, does an excellent job portraying this.  Popcorn is ready…..last episode of season 1 coming up, then on to season 2…….life is good.






We had two doubles today as pictured……..