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Falcon Lake goes vintage…..

What a fantastic day on Falcon Lake with Teo. We whacked em and more 2-4 lb fish than you could shake an ugly stick at. We had 3 walrus opportunities and one of those opportunities was without question a 10 plus lb mega walrus and if I were betting? I would move all in on that fish hitting 11 lbs. Straight up freak of nature.




She straightened up the O ring and now has a treble hook lip piercing. That fish was one of the biggest I’ve seen in a couple of years……just silly big. Teo took it well and to be honest he took it better than me……lol. I know what you are thinking. “He must of been horsing that fish in to straighten that O ring.” You are right he was and that is exactly what you have to do in the jungle. Teo did everything perfectly, but lady luck was not on his side today. I just wish you all could of seen this MEGA walrus tail walking 15 foot from the boat. Not many places on this planet you can go to¬†on July 30th and catch something that you will remember the rest of your life. I am fortunate and live on one of those lakes and live within a stone throw of another. We stopped taking pics of the 2-4 lb fish about 30 minutes into today, but here are a few of em. Thanks once again Teo for the job and opportunity….sure was fun.








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