Falcon Lake Fun

I have had the opportunity to be on Falcon the last several days with new clients and also two of the longest standing clients that I have, Troy and Roy. Here are the stats…..

Most fish caught (single day): 58

Least fish caught (single day): 17

Biggest fish: Roy’s 9 lber (first pic below)


Best technique: squarebills and spinnerbaits

Best area: dam


img_2436.jpg img_2439.jpg

img_2432.jpg img_2434.jpg

img_2415.jpg img_2417.jpg


Check this fish out……


Not one, but two hooks in her gullet. Fear not Dr. J was in the house and she’s as good as new.



Going to be a lot of fishing between now and my next report…..both from Sugar and Falcon. Soooooo looking forward to it. If you are considering heading this way here is a look at my June schedule. (May is toast)



Lots of room for a great trip on the border.




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