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Falcon Lake flexing her muscles, Sugar heading to 100% capacity, and a Mercury Pro XS bites the dust

Folks I rarely sound the all call alarm if ever, but if you are reading this right now? Shoot me an email or text and get on the books. Remember a couple weeks back I wrote that Falcon would go bonkers with this new water? Well it certainly has and I believe it will continue all the way through the spring and beyond. Ya don’t believe me? Check out the last three days here on Falcon and these are just the best pics we took.

img_3488.jpg img_3485.jpg

img_3491.jpg img_3484.jpg

img_3475.jpg img_3474.jpg



Biggest weighed in at 9.26 lbs Pictured below.



Our best 5 stringers went 32, 35, 36. Kimbo and Geoff certainly had em a trip to remember. Thanks for coming back down men.


Sugar Lake will be going bonkers soon as well. It is heading towards 100% capacity as I type. Even with the water coming up over a foot a day we still had damn good fishing over there as well.

img_3428.jpg img_3425.jpg

img_3427.jpg img_3460.jpg

img_3453.jpg img_3459.jpg


With all this great news about Sugar and Falcon…..I got hit in the face today with yet another engine failure. My brand new Mercury Pro XS with 12 hours on it went down. Luckily it was at the end of the day and John Adami was nice enough to help a brother out and tow me in. I’ll be driving it back to Texas Boat World Friday. This business provides some epic highs like what you see above with wonderful clients…..but man this business will show ya some lows too as seen in the pic below.



I have had to unpack my workhorse boat far too often over the last 3.5 years.



J.J. ain’t happy with the latest developments either.



The ole 2004 Ranger 521vx is now packed up and ready to go back to work. Man I love that boat and can’t imagine where I would be without it. My three day trip to Sugar cancelled due to some nasty fronts looming…….so I am off to Texas Boat World to deliver my broken down “new” boat. After that, my 40th birthday is on the horizon and I’ll give you one guess as to what I’ll be up to.


Take care gang and get yourself down here……..




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