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Falcon Lake Fall Edition

As we head to November this week, fall is here. I’ve been on the water a lot the last couple of weeks. Mostly scouting and trying to find consistent fish that will cooperate day in and day out. At one point 10 or so days ago I had 4 areas that I could straight up set my watch to. Ten days later we are down to one VERY small productive area. The fishing has been terrific one day and absolutely BRUTAL the next. This time of year is a tremendous time to be at the border…..especially if you are in to big game hunting. BUT and it’s a BIG BUT……going after MEGA walruses from November to March comes with a gamble and that gamble is the weather. Nothing and I mean nothing will screw up a Florida Strain bite quicker than a cold front and 20+ mph North winds. Right now the bite is a shallow bite in around creek channels, drains, fences, road beds, etc. Blades and swim lizards have been king……yes, swim lizards. We had a 60 fish day last week and every single fish was caught in less than 4 foot of water with most coming in 2 foot. The temps never hit 60 and barely hit 50 with ridiculous rain all day. We would of caught more had I not spent most of of the morning that day in 8-10 foot of water. They just weren’t there. Here are a few pics from the week that was, including Kimbo’s 8.45 lb Falcon Lake Walrus.



img_5304.jpg img_5293.jpg

img_5295.jpg img_5299.jpg



If throwing a blade or a swim lizard sounds fun, give me a holler. I would love to have ya.



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