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Falcon Lake and SSE wind…highstakesbassin is on Facebook…

Sorry about the late report. My web guy Danny used up my time last night in efforts to get me up and running on Facebook. He did a fine job and it looks pretty good if you ask me. Mind you I have never not one time even looked at a Facebook page to my knowledge. Please have patience with that area of Social Media with me. Writing reports is one thing, but this Facebook thingy is another……lol. I am hoping that Facebook will allow me to reach out and interact with former clients and also new clients that would not have otherwise considered a trip down here to Falcon Lake. I am looking forward to using this very powerful tool to continue growing and getting stronger as a business. Thanks everyone and what are you waiting for? Go add Highstakesbassin to your Facebook and hit a “like” button or two.

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Wendy and Cole went out for the Falcon Lake Guide experience yesterday. They were greeted by some pretty dang stiff SSE winds and it looks as though I am going to have to go head to head with this wind all next week. Cole was on fire to start the day boating a nice 5 and half(ish)lb bassĀ and several others in the 1-3 lb range.


Wendy also had a hot stretch thrown in there as well late in the day……all 0.25 to 1.75 lbs….lol.


We had a decent day all things considered and was glad to finally get the two of them out there.




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