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Falcon Report

Falcon is…….

By May 9, 2013No Comments




Ahhhhhhhh yeah……busting out a lil J.J. I don’t know how to describe todays action. Seriously, I really don’t. We threw back more 4 and 5 lbers that we didn’t take a pic of than what we did take a pic of. Check out the photo below.




This was not a “best 5 pic” We hit a spell during the day that I could not keep up. I was throwing fish in the livewell as fast as I could. I kept thinking that the spree would slow down. It didn’t. We got to 6 in the well and we then started just throwing the others back. Nobody wanted to stop long enough for a pic and I didn’t want anymore than 6 in the well. Oh and I miss counted……lol. We ended up only having 5 in there… I said it got stupid crazy. We didn’t boat an 8 lber today unfortunately. Did we have some incredibly big fish on? Oh my. I lost a straight up whale on a dag gone crig……the hook just pulled out, ugh. Mike, oh my man Mike. This cat is a top 5 nicest individuals I’ve ever met….I am serious. GENUINE, but boy did he take it on the chin today in the ole luck department. He had two no doubt DD’s within feet of the boat. I saw the first one and it was a NOOOOO doubter. I didn’t see the second because I was literally throwing my body on the net, but Mike swears up and down that it was way…..yes he used the word WAY bigger than the first DD. Um eh……that’s tough to wrap my mind around folks, it really is. He also had two other walruses that didn’t get hung on scales. One of them was in the 7 lb range and CHOKED the crankbait. I opted to not use the net on her because of it. You guessed it….she threw the crank. There is a part of me that was VERY happy she did. I was worried that she was gonna require some fancy surgery and I was out of Catch and Release powder. This just in…..I have two new bottles of Catch and Release now. What a wild and fun day…….I REALLY want Chris to get a big one on tomorrow. He is the only one that has not had a 7 lber or better on. He is catching the heck clean out of the fish, but just not getting lucky on getting a big bite. I can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow.


Oh I got my high dollar scales back from the repair shop……gonna put em to work tomorrow. I hope to have some big numbers on it to show off.