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Falcon Report

Falcon is still on fire……

By November 3, 2013No Comments

1 nine lber, 5 eight lbers and 3 sevens…….only 1 problem.  Those fish were not out of my boat, ugh.  The past two days when I should of zigged, I zagged and when I should of zagged, I zigged.  A prime of example of this is when I zigged into a gill net coming off plain first thing in the morning.  Barnum and Bailey’s circus hour was in full effect.





Here is a pic of Ryan jumping onto the motor to free us……





Later in the day I backed the boat into a road bed and yanked the prop and got the rest of the disaster out of there.  Gill nets are a fact of life on Falcon, but it still sucks when they find a prop.




After the crazy start we found the fish biting and Justin got us on the board with fish pictured below. (6.50 lbs)





We added a fish in the 5 lb class (not weighed), but the rest of our fish were of the 1 to 3 lb variety and I really don’t believe we had a single ELITE level bite all day.   Thanks again fellas for the opportunity!