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Falcon Report

Falcon is………..Dynoooooooomite

By January 23, 2013January 27th, 2013No Comments

Danny opted for the Iron Man trip and we fished from dawn to dusk. We averaged dang near 4 fish an hour. Fantastic day. We caught A LOT of 1-3 lb fish today. We also had about 37 lbs as well with Danny breaking his PB twice again with an 8-10 and a near miss 9. Sorry Danny!!! the 9 will have to be on your next trip. Danny is an amazing cat……there are few people who are as authentically nice as this guy. Goodness did we have an absolute blast. Sure did it help we caught the heck out of the fish?…, makes it a lot more fun to not have to sing and dance so much. We did another round of filming today and we caught some priceless moments yet again. Did we have a gut wrenching missed net job on a 13+ lber today?….no….luckily no, lol. Danny as you all know is my IT tech man and he is going to really do a great job with the two video clips. Yes two….we are going to have the cool fish catching vid and the funny and nearly disastrous bloopers vid. We had moments that were not funny at the time, but we will certainly be laughing about them for years and years to come. Please don’t think this crazy wild stuff happens all the time, hahahhaha. Danny brings a special type of luck aboard my boat with every trip, lol. We did a lot more finesse crigging today than we did yesterday. We were force to do this because the area we blasted them last night got HAMMERED with boats this morning. Tommy and I were the only two boats in the area for the first 45 minutes or so and then all heck broke loose and I decided to leave as one boat after the other moved in. We made a small move to a spot that didn’t have ANY boats within eyesight for about 2 hrs. We straight up crushed the fish, just silly. I had to pull off the spot and go find Tommy. I got a terrible neck related headache and needed some meds bad. Thanks for the Tylenol Tommy! Back before my surgery I would have had to inject a shot….now? Regular over the counter stuff takes care of me more times than not. It saved our day……pain meds have been added to the boat.


I thought I had tomorrow booked, but it’s a no go. My Diamond Club member client will be in my boat tomorrow in their place. Mr. Steve.


Here is a preview of the bloopers video: (WARNING DO NOT…..DO NOT HAVE A DRINK IN YOUR MOUTH WHILE VIEWING)



Great times Danny,