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Falcon Report

Falcon Dan….rescue kittens….Hawks win, Hawks win, THHHHHE Hawks win!

By April 9, 2014No Comments

Danny had his worst trip ever down here on Falcon. (with me at least) Did we catch fish over the last two and half days? Sure and had plenty of bites and action by Falcon’s current standards. Problem was size…..good grief. Danny’s biggest bite of the trip was an Alligator Gar that he caught on an Alabama Rig. Most of our bass were in that 2 to 4 pound range with the exception of one or two. We fished from 8 inches to 40 ft and everywhere in between. Danny has one heck of a passion for fishing Falcon Lake and enjoys every second regardless of how well it is fishing. Danny lives in the corporate world, filled with deadlines and 7 figure consequences riding on nearly every project. Danny comes to get away from all that. Did we give each other the business each and every day? Check…….Did we laugh and giggle like 10 year old girls? Check…….Did we catch some fish? Check


Sounds like a good time to me.






My lovely wife……oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my lovely wife.

20140403-204333.jpg   20140403-204317.jpg






I took the girlies to a Hawks baseball game tonight.







I live next to Head Coach Alvarez and it was good to finally get out and support the team. A good time was had by all. Oh and they won 6 – 0……sooooo I am welcome back. lol.