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Falcon Report

Falcon at it’s finest

By October 6, 2012No Comments

With an unexpected day off, I got caught up on my spongebob episodes and lounged around the house with the family. We decided to go out fishing, but waited til after 5 to go out. It could not of been more perfect. Number 1 the boat worked flawlessly. (major sigh of relief). We fished near marker 8 in and around the creeks and ditches there. The fishing? Fun doesn’t begin to describe it. Nothing huge, but Sierra caught a six pounder that had a terrible attitude. It was fun to see the fish so active. Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come. The water is looking better and better on the north end. Markers 11 and 10 are still dingy, by marker 9 it starts to get better. Now I’m saying better, not dam like water clarity, but better. The debris is gone and I didn’t see one floater on my way to marker 8. I have a trip booked tomorrow, but I think the cancelation bug will bite yet again. More time with family and directv Sunday ticket on the big screens…… Hmmmmm. I think life will be juuuuuust fine.