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I got a text from Sir James bright and early this morning as he was fixing to go out and whack on some. Ole James has my number out here right now. He smacked me around like a red headed step child all morning. If you are fishing any tournaments this weekend you best stop in and ask James about his secret weapon. I am not going to post it here because it wasn’t me that started using this soft plastic. Heck it’s been over a year and maybe longer since I’ve used these on Falcon. Trust me when I tell ya they were a CLEAR winner today. I would walk in Falcon Lake Tackle and buy every one of em if I was fishing that Platinum tourney……lol. I appreciate James doing what he did for me today. We went up into a creek that I have very little experience with and actually got out of the boat and walked around the area as he explained what the deal was. That info doesn’t help me today and heck it may not help me 5 years from now, but it will. Knowledge is power and you can believe that.


Prediction time for the Platinum Team Trail event that is this weekend. I have a good friend fishing it and a client fishing it. I look forward to seeing these two teams battle for the top prize.


Best 10 (two day event) : 42.46 pounds

Big fish: 7.54 lbs







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