Epic Sugar Lake trip, crickets, and the 1st pic on the new camera

I have had some incredible trips to Sugar……and now you can put these last two days with Kendra and Ryan right in with the rest of em. Was the fishing insanely good? Yes it was……but the friendship, the laughing and just plain hanging out with two great people was even better. I’ve had Ryan in my boat I believe 5 times now and this was the first time Kendra came down to fish with him. Ryan is a lucky ass dude…….and yes I told him that and think he knows it already, but wanted him to hear it from me. It was great seeing these two torch the fish and have such a great time doing it. We caught 157 fish in two days.

img_0019.jpg img_0030.jpg

With Kendra breaking her personal best with a 7.49 pound walrus!



Day 1 we caught A LOT of 0.5 to 1.5 lb fish. Day 2? Maybe 7…..incredible turnaround in the quality category. Big fish of the trip was a 9.16 caught by me. I know, I know……..I get the dumbass award this trip.


I absolutely despise catching a walrus with clients, let alone the big fish of a trip. The only thing that would of been worse is if it would of hit 10 lbs.


(inside joke)


All kidding aside these two would of loved seeing me boat a ten…….it’s me that would of needed Dr. Phil’s number. Here are a few more great pics from a great trip.

img_0018.jpg img_0015.jpg

img_0028.jpg img_0016.jpg



(Ryan was holding my 9.16)


Thanks for the job Ryan and your support of highstakesbassin. Can’t thank you enough…..hope to see the two of ya again in the not so distant future.


As all of you know I lost my IPhone to Falcon Lake. On top of that I had a glitch in my Icloud that wiped out my a lot of precious family pics and vids. Mr. Steve, Sierra and I went to Nuffy’s for a lunch date and Mr. Steve took a pic of Sierra and I. Not a bad first pic on the reel if I don’t say so myself.







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