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Elmo’s back!

Elmo made a last minute stop here on Falcon after a loooooong break in the action. He brought down a childhood friend of his with him for the festivities. We started the day whacking on em pretty good……now they were mostly small and when I say small I’m talking this year spawn small. I made a long run to the back of Salinias and Elmo’s friend Scotty mentions shooting something……and I hahahaha’d him and said something to the effect of you are joking about the gun right? Scotty nah I’ve got my pistol with me. People, DO NOT under any circumstances take drugs or firearms into Mexico…..whether it be on Falcon Lake or if you go to Sugar Lake in Mexico. If you decide to fish the Salinias you best have your t’s crossed and your i’s dotted. Mexico License?…..check. No drugs and/or firearms?…..check. That creek has been patrolled by the C , F and the MM all in the last 6 months and is the LAST creek on Falcon that you want a pistol in. Sooooooooooo we ran 10 miles to the Tigers and first cast later we caught a fish on a 6xd and we look up to see a nice thunderstorm bearing down on us. I had to run to Mexico in order to avoid getting blasted by rain. We called it a day after that. Through all the craziness that was today, it sure was good to see Elmo in fine shape. I don’t have another job on the books and will be taking most of July off as can be seen by my schedule. If you want to hit Falcon with me it will have to be over the next 5 to 6 days or after my vacations are over. This is the time last year when fishing here on Falcon Lake really took off and the drop shot and 6xd bite went nuts. Hopefully we can have a repeat performance this year.




A few summer time beauties from last year.

















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