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Elmo returns……The Z522……Texas Boat World

By March 11, 2014No Comments

I told Elmo that we were gonna run and gun today…….and by golly we did.


Today’s stats:

7 bites

3 boated fish

6ish pounder caught by me

who knows how many gallons of gas……A LOT


Check out the fish below…….no gar problems here.





Well as many of you know I have had one heck of time with my SHO. Josh at Texas Boat World said she is going to be ready to rock Saturday. The thing will be brand new. I am entertaining the idea of selling it……..not really in a big hurry at the moment as my deal with Texas Boat World and Triton got derailed. Having your dealer being 14 hours round trip is tough and there has to be some concessions made on both sides in order to make something like that work. We weren’t able to make that happen. Cliff went out of his way lending me his personal ride after my SHO blew up for the second time in under a month. I can’t thank him enough for that. I wish Texas Boat World the best of luck.