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Falcon Report

Ed and I go for broke…..

By February 17, 2013No Comments

…..and for the first 5 hours we weren’t worth a plug nickel. I took Ed to my number 1 spot and we fished it for over 4 hours without so much as a bump. I have never not even one time gone here and not at least boated a fish. Not once, until today that is. I would like to blame the wind, but that would be a lie. We got to this spot and fished it with no issues from the wind. The wind didn’t start howling til noon. We made a small move just before noon and got into some fish…..some nice ones to boot. unfortunately we only boated one of the fish with a break off mixed in. The fish boated was our kicker coming in at 6 lbs 8 oz. We only boated 2 other fish today and both were under 2 lbs. Tough day on Falcon. These fellas are already booking for next year. 2014 is booking up fast folks!!! Get your dates while ya can. lol.


Thanks for the opportunity men……until next year,