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Easter weekend in paradise with my boyzzzzzz


Brock has gone from an 11 year youngster barely able to cast a baitcaster and tee up his own golf ball to a young man that now out drives me easily and can pitch into a Folger’s can more times than not. What a cool experience to see him grow up. Brock is one of them fellas you want your daughter to somehow bring home to meet ya. Sooooo dang respectful and a lot of fun to talk about sports with. I am a bit embarrassed with my lack of NCAA Baskets knowledge. Gonna have to study up next year, fill out a bracket or two and bring my A game. Yeah and I guess I had an alright time with his ole man too.


That’s another client of mine in the picture. Jason brought his own boat down this trip, but not everyone is cut out to handle all the fun that a Sugar Lake experience can offer. Jason’s fishing partner was struggling juuuuuuust a bit.

IMG_2265.JPG <——amateur


IMG_2266.JPG <—- Handled his Orange Fanta like a P….R….O


You know you are fishing on the right lake when their ice bags have a walrus on em.




The fishing you ask?

IMG_2246.JPG IMG_2249.JPG

IMG_2270.JPG IMG_2245.JPG




Fishing was good and had a few opportunities and chances that could of made it epic, but I stress just a few. We had to work for the walrus bites we got. I had two MEGA Walruses on a spinnerbait that absolutely destroyed my 7’11” crankbait rod spooled with 17 lb test. Please don’t ask and no that combo will NEVER throw a spinnerbait on Sugar Lake again……that I can promise you. Our fish count was at 96 when we put the boat on the trailer around 1 this afternoon. 97.9% of the fish were between 3 and 6  lbs, We stayed in 5-8 foot of water and pitched the heck out of a Falcon Lake Rage Lobster…..12 bags worth. That bait has been silly on Sugar for several months now and I wouldn’t go without 20 bags of em loaded and ready for active duty. Another great trip in the books with my Boyz…….I will be seeing my man Vaughn again in the not so distant future and many of you can probably guess the destination.


vegas gif






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