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Falcon Report

Dwight and Guy part 2

By April 7, 2013No Comments

Today can be characterized as a straight up grind from start to finish. We had one good spurt in the timber. Dwight’s personal best didn’t last 24 hours. His 8-3 fell today. His new pb is now 8-11. I really thought this had a chance to be 9-8 to 10lbs. It just didn’t have the length. Beautiful fish regardless and congrats again sir Dwight for the second consecutive day. Guy also had a very nice fish break his spinnerbait off. That fish jumped 4 more times after she broke him off. She kept trying to spit the spinner but she was unsuccessful. I’m not going to get silly here, but it was a good fish. The rest of our fish were in the 0.5lb to 3lb range… more day left. We are launching south and staying south tomorrow. My goal is 8 to 10 bites and a 5 fish 30 lb bag. We will fish deep and then go deeper.