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Dr. Jack’s full day and a FRIENDLY public service announcement

Today was a straight up disappointment let there be no doubt. It was not for a lack of effort or gas money, but today sucked. We caught 12 fish (+/-) and not one single bite worth a rudy toot poot. We caught two that might and I do mean might of hit 4 lbs. The rest? 2.5 lbs and under. When I say gas money I mean it……Salinias to the the river? Yep. No good on either end. I will not sit at home and pout about it. I got a last minute cancellation for tomorrow. I will be out tomorrow regardless…..looking for that pot of Largemouth gold. I’ll let you know what I find.



To the public service announcement and please I hope nobody takes this the wrong way. A red Triton nearly hit me in the Salinias today because he did not understand the picture below.




I was going to say more, but if you understand one thing about boating understand that picture above. The link below is from Boat US……everyone that owns a boat should check it out and refresh your memory so that you will not be the reason for a potential deadly accident.


Talk to you tomorrow highstakesbassin fans.




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