Dr. Jack, post Baccarac Edition

Doc just got back from Baccarac where he caught 29 fish over 6 lbs with a 12 lb kicker. He trailered his boat down for this trip. He went out on his own yesterday and got a big warm welcome from Falcon in the form of a zero. So today was about getting the good Doctor a Falcon fish. He got 8 today, but all of them were like the one pictured. (0.5 – 3lbs) He got two very big bites though that didn’t get to the boat. The first fish he fought for what seemed like 5 minutes. In the end Doc had her roughly 10 feet from the boat when she came unglued. I thought she broke him, but no. She straightened his hook. ugh. Doc’s second big bite came deep on a crigged senko and that one broke him off…..double ugh. We certainly would have liked to have gotten those in the boat, but after not getting one single big bite yesterday I was happy we at least had two big girls on today. We had roughly 20 bites, but the boat ratio wasn’t so good and I was just as guilty as Dr. Jack. Strange day……. We will be back at it tomorrow and the wind looks like it’s going to play some games with us sooooooo I am going to play it safe and stay close by.







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