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Dr Jack makes his first Sugar Lake house call!

I emailed Dr. Jack a couple months back and told him that he needed to get down here ASAP. He shot me an email back saying that he would be down first part of October. Unfortunately things came up and he had to reschedule. The unfortunate part of the story is that the fish catching right now is still of the charts good, but the big girls that were locked on off shore a month or so ago have started to move around a bit. I’m not saying you can’t go down there right now and wreck a big stringer of fish…..heck Tommy just did about a week ago with a 10-1 kicker. What I’m saying is that it’s just not as easy as it was in September. If you can pitch a soft plastic bait into the opening of a coffee can from 10 to 15 ft away 90% of the time you still have an incredible chance at catching a monster. I decided to bring Doc back to the states and sit today out. We both had some flexibility in our schedules so we decided to take today off and let the strong North winds do their thing. We will be back at it Wednesday and Thursday. The weather looks nothing short of spectacular.




I’ll give ya one guess as to who’s fish was who’s…… We got on some crankbait fish that were literally every single cast, but as can be seen above…..half the fish were dinks. Here is Doc’s best fish of the day.




See ya in a couple of days.



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