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Falcon Report

Down goes Falcon!…..Down goes Falcon!…..Down goes Falcon!

By March 2, 2013No Comments


Folks there will not be a round 4 in this fight. These fellas straight up put Falcon on the canvas today. It’s official…..Paul, David and Todd win by TKO after today. I made a decision to go shallow first thing in the morning and boy did that backfire. The area we went to is my best shallow water spot and I have been battling nets in there for weeks. The netters decided to put a smack down on me today. I have never seen this area netted sooooooo heavily. I told these fellas at breakfast that we would try to lose 5 spinnerbaits or less in this spot. We hit 3 in a blink of an eye and got tangle up in what seemed like endless nets. We caught a bigtime break though. David, while trying to free a spinnerbait got his hand caught in a net and luckily just came away with a little rope burn. Reminded me of a scary moment I had last year in 30 mph winds in the middle of the lake. I was trying to get a crig for a client unhung in about 30 fow and got my index finger caught up in his braid main line and this was before my terrova spot lock and I lost control of the boat with my finger cinched down by braid and the crig weight stuck in the rock. At that point I conceded that my finger was going to be removed and just wanted to make sure I got it when it popped off. Luckily for me, the crig pulled off before the braid took off my digit. Scary stuff. Enough about all the scary stuff…….lets talk about todays day. Our first several hours were tough, but goodness did Falcon ever go crazy.


I don’t know how many fish we truly caught. We had a couple double and near miss triples. Our biggest boated fish was Paul’s 8 pound 11 oz walrus. Most all of our fish came on crigged plum and red bug type color worms….big 10 and 12 inchers. Our best five was in the neighborhood of 34 lbs. A lil better than the 13 lb sack from yesterday. lol. I have to make a confession though……I hope it helps me sleep better tonight. I didn’t get the job done on the net……not just any net job. Sure fire 10 to 11 pounder for ole Todd. I gotta hand it to these men. The last two days were some tough @ss fishing and nobody would have faulted these guys for complaining or being upset. I took a pic that sums up the quality of men I have been fishing with the past 3 days.




What is the significance of this photo you ask? Look at David’s smile. genuine. I know what you’re thinking….heck ya he was smiling you guys whacked the heck out of them. At this stage of the day, it was David’s first fish……a damn catfish., but look at the attitude. I know I talk a lot about how great my clients are. I keep it real as the kids say. I have been blessed with soooooo many quality human beings who have stepped on my boat and these men are certainly no exception. Back to Todd’s 10 lber. He took the heartbreak faaaarrrrrr better than I did. I had to put myself in a mini timeout. Check out the video from David’s Iphone. Luckily it doesn’t show me spike the net. Ugh.


The fish was there……I needed to get it done.




Day 4 is on tap for tomorrow and yes we will start the journey at the steakhouse for breakfast. Can’t wait.