……fish caught, lol. We fished deep the entire day and for the first 30 minutes it was on like Donkey Kong with 5 fish. Then? The grind set in and I am telling you the word grind is not a strong enough word. I wanted to head shallow to get a few more bites, but I did a poor job communicating with these fellas on line size. I was informed that the flipping sticks had 12 lb fluoro and 20 lb braid respectively. Soooooo I made the decision not to go into the jungle with a….


pea shooter


I hooked up ole Aaron with some 25 lb Fluoro and Curt is going to rent my equipment. I told Curt I want him to snap my rod in half on a fish tomorrow. I will post pic if that goal is accomplished. From pea shooters to……













Aaron and Curt with the double……


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