Do you wanna see a pic of why I love my job?


Yep that sums it up. Making people happy. I wore many hats as a teacher. I wore the hat of an entertainer, a friend, a parent figure, a role model, a psychologist and lastly a Mathematics teacher. I treat my job as a guide in a similar way. I don’t just go out there on Falcon put in my time catch fish and go home. I try to entertain, educate, be a good listener, and lastly put people in position to catch the fish of their life. Lately the fish have not cooperated at all and it has been very disheartening to say the least on most days. When you come fish with me I can’t promise you the fishing will be out of this world, but I can promise you that you will have a quality time and be entertained, learn why I fish what I do, and have somebody that enjoys a good conversation. Back to todays action. I took out a wonderful return client of mine and this time he brought his 11 year old daughter Lindsey. I have had some hard fishing youngsters and Lindsey fished me out of the boat today. She only put her rod down to eat a snack aaaaalllll day. I just wish the fish would have bit better for us (popular theme of late), she was a trooper to the end and did catch some nice fish though. Clay and Lindsey are going to go give it heck with me again tomorrow. We are hoping to start the new year out with a bang!


       <—–doesn’t get much better than this.








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