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Falcon Report

Do you see anything wrong with…….

By February 11, 2013No Comments




Grrrrrrrreat way to start the week, waking up to WTF are you still doing in bed. UGHHHHHH! After the 15 minute delay we hit the water and didn’t have anymore stupid moments by me thankfully. We fished shallow A LOT today. Sooooooo many people are reporting successful catches on the bank with spinnerbaits, squarebills, and trigs all of which are not in my wheelhouse by any stretch of the imagination. Good news is that for the most part I have been fishing ditches and drains without anybody around me. Bad news? The fish are nomads. I am throwing out the shallow water game plan tomorrow all together. If I am going to go down tomorrow, I am going to go down doing what I do best. We could have had a terrific day weight wise if it were not for me embarrassing myself on three different fish…..goodness. We all had opportunities to pad our numbers, but again I was the main culprit. With all that said we still managed about a 27 lb bag with Jason’s 7 lb 15 oz personal best being our kicker. Jason had never been in a bassboat until today. His thing is saltwater….browns, etc. Bruce, his dad, loooooves to bass fish on the other hand and it was good to get the two of them out there on Falcon. They have one more day with me tomorrow. We are going to start the day at the Steakhouse for breakfast….on me.