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Falcon Report


By August 3, 2012No Comments

Took Malcolm and nick out for a falcon lake guide trip today. We went deep and stayed deep. A lot of small fish until noon and then the big girls started to play. We did not boat our best fish. I was the main culprit. Not going to get into it…. Ugh. We ran the lake and for once the weather folks were actually right with the 14 mph prediction. Normally 14 turns to 25-30 mph gusts and man is that brutal. We chunked a ton of cranks and we had poor results. We went to the next level and dragged crigs and did very well. You would not get bit today if you got in a hurry. Soak time was verrrrry important.

Total fish: 17
Best 5: about 25 lbs
Kicker: 6 lbs

Check out my bug eyed bass. She has plenty of time to grow into them eyes…. Lol.