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Falcon Report

Dear Falcon Lake,

By April 19, 2014No Comments

Please allow me to have a day like today for the rest of 2014. Thanks in advance………xoxoxoxoxo.








20140419-162701.jpg         <———-scared



20140419-162533.jpg     <—-scared—->    20140419-162843.jpg





My folks made it safe and sound to Zapata last nigh and I just wish time would STOP moving…….I don’t get to see them enough. Dad slept in until I got off the water practically. He was beat. He will be fishing with Mr. Steve tomorrow. (I’m jealous) I have one more trip on the books tomorrow then it’s hang with the folks and putting Dad on a walrus or three like the ones pictured above. Oh and he brought down my new back-up rig. It was the first new boat my Dad and I ever bought……2004 Ranger 521vx. As many of you know I am fanatical about by boat appearance, well I was 10x worse before guiding… We sold it to a guy that was just like us and I’m telling you the boat is in SHOWROOM condition and every time I look at it, it brings a tear to my eye. Without question it is the prettiest boat Ranger ever made. I will post some pics of it next week…….Well gotta go. I have to make my BOYZZZZ from ILLINOISZZZ proud of me tonight.