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Day 1 on Falcon with Ron and Jim is in the books.



Ron and Jim had heard about my century mark whackfests and wanted to go after it. I rolled em out to my lil pile of fish and……drum roll……1 fish.



I know these guys were thinking WHAT IN THE BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!! This is after I told these guys we would hit fish every cast for hours. We spent 45 minutes on it and I caught an 8 inch fish. They zeroed, sooooooooooo back to the drawing board we went and it took a lil while until we located another mess of fish, but we did. Jim jumped on Ron early and was up on him 3-0. Jim was not shy on letting Ron know that he was kicking his @ss. Then Ron went on an EPIC run of 17 consecutive fish and I’m telling you the shit talking got deep and it got STANKY.



Our best plastic was surprisingly a watermelon candy FULL SIZE brush hog on the Carolina rig. (1 oz lead sinkers today…) I considered heading to the jungle with these men around noon, but the wind was blowing 20+. I didn’t feel it would of been in anybody’s best interest to tangle with the timber. (pun intended) We are going to start in the timber tomorrow morning. If these men get frustrated with either the lack of bites or the challenges that the jungle presents, then we will head back out to the open water and continue the whackfest. Here is a doubles pic where Jim clearly got the better of me.



Two more days with these fellas then it’s Sugar with my Boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz from Illinoiszzzzzzzzzzzz……and speaking of Sugar, I had three more days get scooped up for April.



I only have two blocks available for a Sugar trip left here in April…….10th – 13th and 18th-19th. I just booked a single day trip on the 23rd for Sugar. I don’t recommend single day Sugar trips simply because I still charge $800 a day on single day trips. You are not getting the most bang for your buck. On multi day trips I pay for your room, food, and tackle……etc. and we also fish for a lot longer too. On a single day Sugar trip you are looking at 7 to 8 hours of fishing. This will be my 4th or 5th single day trip that I have booked on Sugar and have had some amazing success with them, but they certainly aren’t cheap.





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